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Casa MU691 Egyptian Dumbek

MU691 Egyptian Dumbek

Egyptian-Style Aluminum Dumbek Stitched Vinyl Covering

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Egyptian-Style Aluminum Dumbek
Stitched Vinyl Covering (high quality!)
Tunable Synthetic Head
w/spare head, strap & case

Size: 11x17

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Here they are, the original aluminum dumbeks made by Alexandria in Egypt. Probably the most popular drum
among Arabic drummers of all levels, from beginner to professional, they can be heard around the world
wherever middle eastern music is played. Their sound is exceptional, and they’re pretty much indestructible.
Not known for being a light drum, nonetheless they’re worth the effort of carrying them around.

You may buy another drum after one of these, maybe a lot of other drums, but be
assured you’ll be playing this one while many of the others are gathering dust!

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