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Roland VS8F-3

Plug-In Effect Expansion Board

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Put Plug-In Power In Your V-Studio!

The VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board is an easy and affordable way to add powerful plug-in effect processing to your V-Studio. Each board is capable of loading two high-quality plug-ins from Roland and 3rd party developers (sold separately). To get you started, there are five Roland plug-ins included right out of the box. And the sound quality is top-notch—thanks to 56-bit internal processing and up to 96kHz sound quality.

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Open platform card adds powerful plug-in processing to the latest V-Studios*
Superb sound quality: 56-bit processing and up to 96kHz sampling rate
Runs 2 stereo (4 mono) plug-ins at 48kHz or 1 stereo (2 mono) plug-in(s) at 96kHz
Includes 5 Roland plug-ins, plus support for optional 3rd party plug-ins
Compatible with VS-2000CD/2400CD/2480 Series. VS-2400CD/2480/2480CD require a CD-ROM update included in the box.
Support for the VS-1680/1880/1824 is planned beginning the 2nd quarter of 2004.
Install up to two plug-ins per card
3rd party developers include Antares, IK Multimedia, Universal Audio, Massenburg, McDSP and more


Compatible with Industry-Leading Plug-ins

Antares Auto-Tune VS
Auto-Tune VS corrects intonation problems in vocals or solo instruments, in real time, without distortion or artifacts, while preserving all of the expressive nuance of the original performance.

Cakewalk® SoundStage™
SoundStage allows you to design the perfect acoustic environments for your audio, resulting in unique, realistic reverb You can even control the wall positions and heights, then place microphones and performers anywhere in the room.

Cakewalk® fx: reverb™
The critically acclaimed fx:reverb features a high-quality reverb algorithm, high- and low-frequency cutoff for filtering the input signal, parameters for controlling the room size, width of stereo image, echo diffusion, decay time, high-frequency damping, early reflections and more.

IK Multimedia T-RackS VS
IK Multimedia T-RackS VS is the premiere analog mastering software suite, offering all the necessary tools for professional mastering. The processing, including EQs and Dynamics, is based on physically modeled analog sounds from rare vintage hardware mastering equipment. This high quality processing makes T-RackS very easy to use and results in highly-professional sounding mixes.

Massenburg DesignWorks® Hi-Resolution Parametric EQ™
A 4 band EQ using Hi-Resolution technology to give professionals a precision EQ with the smoothness of analog The new MDW Parametric EQ for Roland VS-Series is a Double Precision plug-in with unprecedented clarity, fast response, and superlative smoothness, especially in the high frequency audio spectrum.

McDSP Chrome Tone Amp
From guitars to keyboards, drums and even voice, Chrome Tone Amp brings the world of custom guitar amps and boutique pedal effects to your V-Studio. Chrome Tone Amp features a five stage distortion and a unique bandpass distortion for creative nontraditional applications. Chrome Tone Amp also has full-featured compression, gating, 3 band EQ, spring reverb and a multi configuration cabinet simulator with close and room mic positions.

Sound Toys® SoundBlender VS™
SoundBlender brings professional studio-quality pitch shifting effects to the Roland VS platform. Perfect for the guitarist, SoundBlender has 2 channels of intelligent pitch-shifting, dual resonant filters, echo and reverse echo processors, arpeggiation and more.

TC ELECTRONICS® TCR 3000™ and TC Pro Class Reverb 3000™
TC Electronics TCR 3000 delivers 16 of TC’s best, award-winning reverbs. The dedicated controls and 100 great sounding presets help you achieve your desired sound in seconds. The reverb algorithms include Classic Hall, Vocal Studio, Room, Drum Box, Cathedral and more with easy-to-use but sophisticated controls for customizing the processing to all types of applications.

Designed by the same manufacturer of the classic hardware version,the VS-LA2A is an exacting emulation of the original legendary compressor for your V-Studio. And operation is simple, thanks to a dedicated Limit/Compress switch and Input/Peak Reduction knobs.

This software version of Universal Audio’s classic limiting amplifier offers ultra-fast attack time and analog "warmth" perfect for a variety of dynamics processing applications.


Roland Stereo Reverb
A brand new, true Stereo Reverb from Roland. Great for giving your drums and vocals a rich spatial effect, or while processing stereo-mic’d tracks.

Roland Tempo Mapping Effect
The Tempo Mapping effect will let you sync a delay to the tempo of your song.

Roland Pre-Amp Modeling
The Pre-Amp Modeling Effect gives you more options for warming up your vocals and acoustic instruments.

Roland Mastering Toolkit
This enhanced version of the very popular Mastering Toolkit has multi-band dynamics and loads of other tools.

Roland Vocal Channel Strip
This is a brand new Vocal Channel Strip including a Compressor/Expander, Enhancer/De-esser, EQ, Pitch-Shifter, Chorus and Delay.


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