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Boss TU-80

Tuner and Metronome

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The BOSS TU-80 brings super-accurate LCD tuning to a very affordable price, while adding unique features like a built-in metronome and Accu-Pitch™. The pocket-sized TU-80 runs on batteries and can tune almost any instrument, thanks to a chromatic tuning mode. It even tunes 7-string guitars and 6-string basses—putting the TU-80 in a class all its own.

Thin is in. That's why the new TU-80 was designed to be slim and light enough to fit in your pocket. Best of all, it sports reliable and accurate BOSS LCD tuning, along with Accu-Pitch, which plays a tone when you're in tune. No more looking down at the tuner!

Thanks to its chromatic and flat tuning capabilities, the TU-80 can tune just about any instrument—from guitars and basses to strings, brass and woodwinds. A handy Reference Tone Play function lets you hear the correct pitches, while a built-in metronome with seven rhythms and 10 beat variations makes practice more effective. No other tuner has all this!

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- Affordable and reliable LCD tuner with handy, built-in metronome
- Supports chromatic tuning, plus 7-string guitars and 6-string basses
- Accu-Pitch function sounds a tone when tuning is complete
- Reference Tone Play function makes it easy to verify tuning by ear
- Memory function stores your favorite tuner setting
- Ultra-thin body fits easily into a guitar case or pocket

Size and weight:
- Width: 122 mm 4-13/16 inches
- Depth: 68 mm 2-11/16 inches
- Height: 21 mm 0-7/8 inches
- Weight: 0.117 kg 0 lbs. 5 oz.

- Reference Pitch: A4 = 435 to 446 Hz (1 Hz steps)
- Tuning Range: E0 (20.6 Hz) to C8 (4186.0 Hz)
- Tuning Accuracy: ±1 cent

- Tempo Range: 30 to 250
- Rhythm Style: Quarter note, Eighth rest and eighth note, Eighth note, Triple, Triple with center rest, Sixteenth note, Clave (3-2, 2-3)

- Input Impedance: 680 k ohms
- Indicators: Liquid crystal indicators, TUNING GUIDE indicators

- INPUT jack
- OUTPUT jack

- Power Supply: Dry Battery (AA type x2)
- Power Consumption: 3 mA (Metronome mode), 8 mA (Tuner mode and A4=440 Hz input)
- Expected battery life under continuous use (Carbon): Approximately 100 hours (A4 continuous input)
*These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.

- Accessories: Dry Battery (R6 (AA) Type) x 2
- Owner's Manual

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