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M-Audio Delta 1010LT

24 bit 96khz 10 X 10 PCI Audio card

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10x10 incl S/PDIF, RCA connectors, Channels 1 and 2
are Mic XLRs ins with their own Mic-preamps, NO phantom power,
There’s also word clock i/o, and 1x1MIDI i/o

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MPN: 99004075200
UPC: 612391416607

Power Reqs: open PCI slot (mac or pc)
Sys Reqs:
PC- PIII 500mhz (96k); PII 400mhz (48k);
128mb ram (96k); 64mb (48K); UDMA EIDE
or ATA 33166

MAC OS8.6 (9.04 or higher
recommended); G4,G3; 128mb of ram
(96k);64mb of ram (48k)

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