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Line 6 POD 2.0

Guitar Multi-Effects/Amp Modeling

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Line 6

When POD first arrived on the scene, it revolutionized guitar amp modeling. Now, POD is everywhere - the biggest tours, the biggest records, the rigs of some of the best guitarists around. And the really cool thing is how guitarists of all styles love POD. It's the huge variety of amp modeling options that pulls them in, but it's the remarkable detail and realism of the sound that keeps them. In short, POD sounds so much like the real thing, you won't believe your ears.

You get 32 customizable models of some of the world's most legendary amps including 1952 Fender Deluxe, 1995 Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Head, 1964 Fender Deluxe, 1990 Marshall JCM-800, 1989 Soldano SLO Super Lead Overdrive, and tons more. POD not only "models" the amp or cabinet, but also the way a real cabinet sounds when recorded with a microphone. There are also 16 pro quality digital effects such as Reverb, Compressor, Flange, etc. All settings can be instantly tweaked and saved for further recall from any of the onboard 36 presets.

Another much-loved feature of POD is its ability to deliver incredible amplification without the need for bulky amplifiers and cabinets. With POD, you can easily get a full, top-notch guitar sound for both in the studio and on-stage! There's also a built-in headphone jack, so you can plug in your guitar, select your guitar amp or cabinet of choice, put on your headphones, and crank it up. You can jam on that 120-bar solo all night long and without disturbing spouses, roommates, or neighbors. And even headphones, POD sounds like the real deal.

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MPN: 99-062-0405

- 32 Amp Models
- 15 Cabinet models
- 16 Digital Effects
- 36 Factory/ User Presets
- 1/4 inch TRS Headphone and Direct Out
- ToneTransfer compatible for seamless transfer of sound with any other Flextone II, POD, or POD Pro, or with Line 6's on-line library of sounds
- Headphone out
- MIDI I/O plus free software editor/librarian
- Chromatic tuner
- Floorboard and FB4 compatible

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