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Non-Active version of EMG-81 Pickup

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No other pickup compares to the H4. It is the equivalent of EMG's EMG-81 Active pickup without the "Active." This is EMG's famous humbucking pickup crunch tone. The H4 Pickup uses EMG's traditional solid cover cap (No exposed Pole pieces. The H4 uses two "bar" loaded coils for better noise rejection along with the equivalent output of EMG's H1 Pickup. The H4 model will work equally well on guitars with "F" spaced strings as well as guitars with standard tuno-matic bridges. The H4 features over wound coils with a ceramic magnet and mixed with the solid steel cores the H4 is the output machine.

All EMG HZ Pickups are fully shielded for a minimum of noise. String grounding is recommended for minimizing noise. Coils are fully impregnated for quiet performance. The EMG-HZ logo appears on the top of each pickup. EMG-HZ Pickups are made in Santa Rosa, CA, USA.

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UPC: 654330110115

Logo Color Silver
Inductance (Henries) 7.37
DC Resistance (K ohm) 13.65
Resonant Frequency Hz (1) 1700
Resonant Frequency Hz (2) 2950

(1) Loaded with 500K V & T pots with 20' cable (750pf)
(2) Loaded with 1 MegOhm/47pf

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