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Marshall DSL50


50 watt, two channel, tube head

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Imagine an amp head which draws on all the massive, wide open classic valve power of the original Super Lead Plexis, but with control facilities to take you through the full 36 years of Marshall tonal heritage and beyond. A head which is packed full of all the classic Marshall valve openness and roar that you could ever want, with more massive gain capability and a clean sound quite unlike any Marshall before. This description fully fits the JCM2000 DSL100 and DSL50 Dual Super Leads - another range of Marshall amplifiers ready to enter our prestigious hall of fame.

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100% pure valve signal path using Svetlana EL34 valves [when not using the Reverb or Effects Loop].
Two channels - Classic Gain and Ultra Gain.
Crystal Clean to massive Crunch switching on the Classic Gain channel.
Lead 1 to Lead 2 switching on the Ultra Gain channel.
Tone Shift switch to reconfigure the way the tone section [particularly the Middle control] works.
Deep Switch which introduces unique Marshall resonance circuitry for increased bottom end.
Effects Loop with level selection switch.

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