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Hosa PBH-265

48 point switchable balanced patchbay

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To change normalling schemes, most patch bays require that you actually disassemble the unit and turn inner modules around. Often those inner modules are strapped together so that you can't reorient just one channel at a time. The Model PHB-265 "Switchbay" from Hosa changes everything. Each channel features a three-way, recessed switch on the front panel, enabling extremely versatile patching using any of the three most widely used normalling schemes: Full Normal, Half Normal, and De-Normal.

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PHB-265 48 point switchable patchbay

Switch on front panel for convenient and quick switching to Normal/Half-normal/Non-normal.

Unit is balanced when switch is in the open or de-normalled position.
Unit is unbalanced when Half or Full Normalled

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