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Peterson StroboStomp

Virtual Strobe Pedal Tuner and DI

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Accuracy down to 0.1 cents (30 times that of LED/meter tuners) and Petersons’s virtual realtime virtual strobe display are just the tip of the iceberg. You also get enhanced tunings for instruments equipped with the Buzz Feiten System

Housed within its rock-solid die-cast aluminum case are a host of features and capabilities that make this one of the most useful and powerful tuners available.

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Modes include Peterson Custom guitar, bass, and 12-String, ’sweetened" tunings. You also get a user-programmable tempered mode plus drop and capo tuning.

The StroboStomp lets you tune down 4 half steps and up to 3 capo positions without having to learn new note names.

The StroboStomp can be set to power up with your preferred settings, whether it’s a whole tone drop based on A442.5 with Bb presets or a custom tuning in 0.1 cent increments!

You can run power through the StroboStomp to your 9V effects and it includes an active DI allowing you to patch directly into a PA, console, or recording desk while a 1/4" jack lets you connect to your amp simultaneously. It also offers a true bypass that avoids the ’tone sucking" effect that other pedal tuners produce.


Realtime virtual strobe display technology
Accuracy to 0.1 cents (30 time more accurate than LED/meter tuners)
Presets for acoustic, electric and bass guitars fitted with the Buzz Feiten System
Peterson custom guitar, bass, and 12 string "sweetened" tunings
User-programmable tempered tunings
Drop and capo tuning modes
Powers up with your preferred settings
Built-In active DI for acoustic and bass guitars with ground lift and XLR output socket
Power-sharing 9V DC output for powering other 9V pedals
100% true bypass switching with heavy-duty stomp switch
Quick-out 9V battery compartment
LED status indicator
Rock-solid die-cast aluminum construction
Powers up with your preferred settings
Bright LED glows when output is live and unmuted

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