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Line 6 Spider II HD-150

Spider II HD-150

150 Watt Head w/Modeling & Effects

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Line 6

The HD Head features 150W of power, 12 amp models, 7 effects with 3 available simultaneously, tap tempo, spring and room reverb, and a headphone out.

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MPN: 99-010-0615

Spider II offers twice as many amp tones, upgraded power amps and, for the first time, a stereo head and matching 4 x 12 half-stack. The restyled Spider II delivers 12 unique amp models made from combining the sounds of some of the greatest amps in history and placing them in one package. It also features Line 6’s Smart Control FX (seven different effect types, three simultaneous) including reverb, chorus/flanger, phaser, tremolo, digital delay, tape echo, and sweep echo. All effects can be easily tweaked and delay times can be adjusted using tap tempo. To ensure the authenticity of the preset tones, Line 6 invited members of Slipknot and Evanescence, both Line 6 users, to create and name patches for the new models. Slipknot’s patches include: Snarl, Meat, Sanitarium and Cheese. Evanescence’s patches include: Satanic Crunch, Bring Me Your Wife, My Immoral, McMars.


12 unique amp models
7 different effects with 3 available simultaneously
Smart FX knob for easy tweaking
Delay times can be set via tap tempo
Front-panel tuner
Spring and room reverb
Headphone out
22"W x 8.5"H x 9.5"D

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