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Roland Cube 60

60-watt output in a compact, 12-inch speaker design w/Built-in 9 COSM guitar amp models

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Roland's CUBE-60 takes the acclaimed CUBE amplifier line to new levels and larger venues. It packs a punchy 60 watts of power into a compact 12-inch design, giving you the performance of a bigger amp, without the excess baggage. It features enriched COSM® amp models, popular digital effects, versatile outputs and well-respected reliability. Just like its popular siblings, CUBE-60 stretches the limits of where you can go with your music, both in terms of tone and venues.

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Powerful 60-watt output in a compact, 12-inch speaker design.
Built-in 9 COSM guitar amp models, including JC, British Combo and R-Fire.
New Dyna Amp feature offers expressive control over enhanced dynamics and tone transitions based on picking style.
Six classic built-in Roland effects, including Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo and independent Delay/Reverb.
Multiple outputs, including Recording/Phones Out, Line Out, Tuner Out and Ext Speaker Out (for connecting external cabinets).
Channel switching, delay/reverb and effect on/off control via optional footswitch.
Bigger, and Better
The CUBE-60 has more power, punch and performance features than the competition, with a newly developed custom speaker and specially tuned power amplifier. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport from rehearsal to gig, while its powerful 60-watt output and built in COSM® effects and amp models ensures your performance won't go unnoticed—or unheard!

A Roomful of Amps—All in One

The CUBE-60 comes with nine onboard COSM Amp models, including JC, British Combo and R-Fier. COSM modeling faithfully provides every inspired nuance and characteristic of a variety of classic and modern amps, down to the preamp and circuits, speaker and outputs. Roland's new "Dyna Amp" amp type lets you create unique tone transitions based on picking dynamics. You can get a transparent clean output sound by picking softly, or a powerful hi-gain amp sound by picking more aggressively. Dyna Amp's distortion can create cool tonal transitions based on the intensity of your performance.

Tweak Your Tone

There's plenty of room to tweak your tone, with versatile onboard effects and EQ and a newly equipped Bright switch and Presence knob. Six of Roland's world-class effects are built in, including Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo and an independent Delay/Reverb processor. Additionally, there are footswitch inputs for switching channels and turning delay/reverb and effects On/Off.

Versatile Outputs Fit Any Playing Environment

In addition to the Control feature, the CUBE-60 is equipped with a wide range of output options for recording or live performance. There are separate output jacks for Recording/Phones Out, Line Out and Ext Speaker Out. Additionally, the Tuner Out jack makes it easy to connect an outboard tuner such as Roland's TU-Series.

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