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Fender 50th Anniversary Fender® Original Guitar & Amp

50th Anniversary Fender® Original Guitar & Amp

Only 50 Made Worldwide! 6-String Electric Guitar, Amplifier, 2 Guitar Cases & Amp Road Case * Call for Details! Only One Left

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You've read about this rig in collector's magazines all over the world. About twelve years ago the Fender® Custom Shop was commissioned by Fender® to recreate the original Fender® guitar and amp. Only fifty of these rigs were to be built, and needless to say, no expense was spared to preserve this monumental representation of the Fender® heritage. Painstaking attention to every detail makes this one of the most sought after collections in the world.

Once these instruments were completed by hand, every authorized Fender® dealer was given the right to partake in a lottery held by Fender® to determine who would have the right to purchase these collections. Among hundreds of Fender® dealers worldwide, we were selected as winners of this set, number 38 of 50.

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This set has been stored by us in safekeeping for over twelve years until now. The owners of Eighth Street Music Philadelphia Pa are now placing it up sale. It is brand new.
Both the guitar and amp were made by hand, down to the hand wound pickup on the guitar, and the hand wiring in the amp.
The finest figured maple was used to recreate the cabinet on the amp, which is one of the most beautiful pieces of music gear you will ever see.
You will not be disappointed.
Both the guitar and amp come with Fender® anvil style flight cases, and the guitar has an exact replica of the original tweed case, which fits into the anvil case.
Full documentation by Fender® is included, along with a custom made leather strap.

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