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Mackie Control C4

Virtual instrument and effects plug-in control surface

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With its 32 V–Pots and four giant virtual "scribble strip" displays, the Mackie Control C4 can simultaneously access and display up to 32 plug–in parameters without switching banks. The 32 push–button V–Pots are arranged in groups of eight directly below the four 55x2 backlit LCD displays, and surrounded by LED rings that display current knob positions. So you can actually see, in plain English, the software functions you are modifying. Function buttons beneath the displays and knobs allow you to select the arrangement of software parameters exactly how they show up on screen. This lets you set up the C4 to tweak your software precisely the way you want – both on screen and on the control surface itself. This level of tight software/hardware integration and feedback simply isn’t available on any other control surface, at any price.

With full built–in Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7 support, the Mackie Control C4 can display and control multi–channel parameters and act as a "quick fix" tool for fader and pan settings across 32 channels. In Channel Strip mode, the C4 gives detailed input and feedback on a single channel’s parameters, including EQ, plug–ins, sends, pan, output select, track mode, and surround diversity, to name just a few. Channel Strip mode also allows the entire control surface to be dedicated to all available parameters of plug–ins and virtual instruments, giving Logic Pro users superb control and visual feedback.

The Mackie Control C4 can greatly speed up your production environment, and can be used independently as a stand–alone module, or in concert with Mackie Control Universal and Mackie Control Universal XTs (or Logic Control/XT)

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MPN: 0004472000
UPC: 663961004625

  • Professional Recording and Mixing
  • Post For Film / Video
  • Television Broadcast Production
  • Radio Broadcast Production
  • DAW Project and Home Studios
  • MIDI Sequencing / Scoring
  • Broadway productions
  • Sound Design

  • Seamless integration with Reason 3, Logic Pro and Logic Express 7, Sonar 4 and Tracktion 2
  • 32 rotary V-pot encoders with integrated push-buttons
  • Four 55 x 2 character backlit LCDs provide immediate visual confirmation of plug-ins and parameter settings
  • LED rings around every V–pot display exact knob positions
  • Control of up to 32 simultaneous parameters without switching banks
  • Intuitive control of multiple plug-ins at once
  • Works as a stand alone controller, or in harmony with Mackie Control Universal, Logic Control and Extender modules

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