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2x15 Inch Two-Way

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Empowering Music Professionals
In developing the MPro line, JBL looked at the way music professionals are using live sound speakers today. Many MPro attributes such as extended frequency response, compact size, and easy handling are a direct result. The MPro 200 Series offers unique, professional appearance, superb acoustical performance, cutting edge configurations, buyer confidence that goes with the JBL brand Carpet covered, plywood enclosures, and 250 watt power ratings (500 watts for dual woofer models). MPro 200 Series models are covered in the highest grade, 12 oz. carpet. Note that the edges of the carpet on all 2-way models are captured by the joint detail. This means you won’t see the carpet seams and the carpet won’t peel back.

Cabinet Construction
All MPro models are constructed of 7-ply, 18mm plywood — not lower cost "engineered wood" products. Plywood construction assures a tough enclosure and robust joints that hold together through a tough life on the road. Carefully fitted rabbet joints and tongue-and-groove construction techniques are used throughout the line. State-of-the-art adhesives are used for glue joints that are actually far stronger than the plywood.

Laminar Flow Baffle™
Used on all 2-way models, the Laminar Flow Baffle integrates horn, ports, baffle, and woofer mounting. The term "Laminar Flow" is used by aerospace engineers to describe the smooth flow of air over a surface — the opposite of turbulent flow. In aircraft design, turbulence produces unwanted drag and unpredictable handling. In a speaker system, turbulence and diffraction create distortion and undesirable phase cancellations. The smooth, rounded contours of the baffle and seamless one-piece structure reduce the effects of turbulence and diffraction. The result is lower distortion and smoother frequency response.

Laminar Flow Baffle Benefits
Smooth ports with rounded edges reduce distortion caused by turbulence.

Concave shape and recessed woofer mounting reduce diffraction effects that harm frequency response.

Molded baffle allows for large horn mouth without growing the size of the system. The result is improved performance in the critical mid-range.

The Laminar Flow Baffle is constructed of SMC (Sheet Molding Compound). A tough, polymer used extensively in the auto industry for body panels and other parts.

Only the most rugged hardware is used on MPro products.

Large, ergonomically positioned steel handles

16-gauge, hexagonally perforated steel grills

Cast aluminum pole mount sockets (MP418 models use steel cup)

Heavy-duty, rattle-resistant 3 in. casters on selected subwoofer models

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Frequency Range: 32 Hz - 12.5 kHz (-10dB)

Frequency Response: 42 Hz - 11 kHz (+/-3 dB)

Sensitivity: 101 dB (1w/1m)

Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms

Maximum SPL: 134 dB

Power Capacity: 500 W

Peak Power Capacity: 2000 W

Nominal Dispersion: 70° x 70°

Dimensions: 1163 mm x 465 mm x 513 mm (45.8 in x 18.3 in x 20.2 in)

Net Weight: 45.1 kgs (99.5 lbs)

LF Driver: 2 x JBL M115-8A

HF Driver: 1 x JBL 2412H

Input Connectors: Neutrik® SpeakOn ® NL-4 (x1), ¼ in. phone jack (x1), parallel

Enclosure Construction: Dark gray carpet covered, 18 mm plywood using tongue-and-groove joint detail. One piece SMC (sheet molding compound) baffle with integral horn and ports.

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