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Shure PGX14 Guitar/Bass System

PGX4 Wireless Receiver, PGX1 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter and WA302 Instrument Cable

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Includes WA302 Instrument Cable, PGX1 Bodypack Transmitter, and PGX4 Diversity Receiver. Rugged system for guitar and bass, provides clear audio across models and playing styles.

Shures PGX4 receiver makes wireless setup a snap. With features like Automatic Frequency Selection and Automatic Transmitter Setup, the PGX4 offers the best in wireless to performers on the go.

Designed to meet the needs of traveling performers, Shures PGX1 can be used with headworn, lavalier, or instrument microphones, or with guitars or basses.

The WA302 Instrument Cable features a 2.5 foot (.75 m), length with 1/4-inch plug and 4-pin mini connector (TA4F) (supplied with instrument systems).

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PGX4 Wireless Receiver
- Automatic Transmitter Setup
- Automatic Frequency Selection
- 90 Selectable frequencies across 18 MHz bandwidth
- 1/4 wave antennas
- Microprocessor- controlled diversity
- Channel display LED
- XLR and 1/4" outputs

PGX1 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter
- Automatic Transmitter Setup
- Multi-function LED Indicator (power, lockout, mute, low battery)
- -10db pad
- 2 AA batteries provide 8 hours of continuous use
- 18 MHz operating range

WA302 Instrument Cable
- Connects the T1, UT1, SC1, PG1, PGX1, SLX1, LX1, ULX1, UC1, UR1 and U1 body-pack transmitter to a guitar or other instrument

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