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LP Matador Puerto Rican Flag Conga

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LP is pleased to introduce a complete line of instruments, proudly flying the multi-banded flag of Puerto Rico, an island that is indisputably the source of much of the world’s finest indigenous Latin and Latin jazz music. The new LP Matador Puerto Rican Flag series comprehends everything from shakers to bongos, all bedecked in national colors and all at a price that’s something to salute!

The series begins with the LP Puerto Rican Flag Maracas, designed to propel the authentic salsa rhythms. Specially prepared rawhide shells filled with a unique material ensure that the tone will be crisp and cutting yet full and solid. The raw-hide shells are secured firmly to wood handles. These are old school maracas with an updated sound and emphatically patriotic look.

Next is the LP Matador Puerto Rican Flag Quinto, an 11" wood drum with a Siam oak shell, 5/16" tuning rods, unique side plates, and Matador Soft Strike Rims for ease of playing. LP ProCare shell protectors cushion the drum from bumping and marring its neighbor. The head is hand selected natural rawhide. Of course, a tuning wrench is included.

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The LP Matador Puerto Rican Flag Conga is a standard 11 3/4" drum with Siam oak shell emblazoned with the Puerto Rican flag. Soft Strike Rims, 5/16" tuning rods, LP ProCare shell protectors, unique side plates, and natural rawhide heads are featured.

The "big drum" is next, the LP Matador Puerto Rican Flag Tumba. With its 12 1/2" diameter rawhide head, and robust Siam oak shell, it is capable of generating serious low frequencies. All other features are as above.

And there are bongos to match! LP Matador Puerto Rican Bongos are modeled after traditional style instruments (and thus have traditional rims), and a traditional steel bottom. Shells of the 7 1/2" and 8 5/8" pair are Siam oak; again, they wear proudly the Puerto Rican flag. Heads are hand selected natural rawhide.

Proclaim a rich musical heritage with pride with the LP Matador Puerto Rican Flag series.

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