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Wireless RF Remote for iPods

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Listen to your iPod music where you want to! With the emergence of MP3 players like the iPod, the way you control your music library has changed. Now with thousand of songs to choose from, the ability to control your audio environment is critically important. You should have the freedom to advance tracks, control volume and a variety of other features without traditional space or hardware restrictions. The iJet gives you the control you need to achieve this freedom.
In your Home - Control the volume, the selection, fast forward, fast reverse, advance track, back track, pause, from any room in the house. Or for that matter from your backyard or front porch.

In your Auto - Control the volume, the selection, fast forward, fast reverse, advance track, back track, SAFELY while driving. Prevent theft and sun damage by keeping your iPod in the glove compartment or trunk while still maintaining control of your iPod music.

Key RF Signal Fact You Should Know
Each wall that a RF signal must travel through reduces the signal strength by approximately 3db. 3db equals approximately 30 Feet. Why is this important? If you are considering a Wireless Remote that provides a 60-foot range, consider that one wall will reduce the signal to a range that makes your remote relatively ineffective in and around an average size home.
The iJet remote offers the greatest RF signal range of any remote made specifically for iPods that are on the market today.

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Main Features
150+ ft RF Control Range
Signal travels around corners and through walls
Water Resistant Remote
User Friendly Design
Lifetime Warranty on Remote!
iJet Package Includes
5 Button / 9 Function Remote
Universal Audio Cable for Home Stereo Hook Up
Belt Clip for Remote
Remote Functions
Volume up / Volume down
Fast Forward / Fast reverse
Advance / Previous track
Play / Pause / Sleep
Additional iJet features
Lithium Batteries (seven year life span)
Recessed Remote Buttons to avoid accidental triggering when in pocket
FCC Approved
Detachable / Interchangeable Receiver
iJet Accessories
Optional Face Plates (Match your iPod color or mix it up)
Multi-Colored Remote Skins
Multi-Colored Receiver Face Plates
Artistic iPod Stand that conceals wires and stores your Earbuds

Remote skins optional, will be available shortly

Compatible with the 3rd & 4th generation iPod, iPod mini, & iPod Photo

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