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Yamaha Musashi 1260M Snare Drum

Musashi 1260M Snare Drum

12X6 6-ply 100 PerCent Oak Snare Drum

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The NSD 1260M and 1365M are professional, small-diameter snare drums that can be used as main or effect snares. Their shells are constructed of 6-ply 100% Oak, a material known for its brilliant grain and unsurpassed strength and durability. Both models come sheathed in a black gloss Oak finish. The NSD 1365M features a 13 x 6 shell, while the NSD 1260M incorporates a slightly smaller 12 x 6 shell but adds a black-stained Groove-Wedge.

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MPN: NSD-1260M

Named for the legendary 16th-century samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, both models evoke the spirit of a warrior's weapon with an aggressive look and distinctive, bright, and remarkably loud sound that's ideal for live performances.

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