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Nomad Factory Rock Amp Legends

Rock Amp Legends

Nomad Factory has collaborated with guitarist Jimmy Crespo to custom-build the definitive guitar amp simulator plug-in

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Nomad Factory

Nomad Factory proudly announces the newest addition to its family of professional audio products: Rock Amp Legends by Jimmy Crespo. Nomad Factory has collaborated with guitarist Jimmy Crespo to custom-build the definitive guitar amp simulator plug-in.

As a member of Aerosmith (1979-1984), the lead guitarist on a two-year world tour with Rod Stewart, and recording and performing credits that include Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jeff Beck, Stevie Nicks, Jon Bon Jovi, Clarence Clemons, Little Steven, Billy Squier, Bernie Taupin, Julian Lennon, and many others, Jimmy knows guitar tone! With guitar in hand, Jimmy Crespo worked in the studio with Nomad Factory to capture the signature sound behind Rock’s biggest hits and design the best-sounding amp simulator plug-in on the market. Whether you play crunchy riffs, clean rhythms or screaming solos (or just want to "re-amp" a dry guitar track), the results speak for themselves. (Check out the samples of Jimmy Crespo’s playing through the amp of his dreams!)

Of course, Nomad Factory is known for building very musical pro audio tools. In designing this amp, Nomad Factory was also determined to reproduce the responsiveness and "feel" of a true guitar amplifier. Just like the amazing guitar tones, the playability is second-to-none.

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What’s new in Version 1.0.1

AU Automation (Logic / Digital Performer / Live 4.x / and others)

RTAS (Pro Tools LE)
VST (Cubase, Nuendo, Live 4)
AU - Audio Unit (Logic, Digital Performer, Live 4)

Amp Simulator (impulse response of various British and American Rock Amp Models)
Input (with Low and High level)
Stage Tube Emulation (with X1 and X2)
Tremolo (with Rate and Depth)
Auto-Pan (with Rate and Depth)
Stereo Imager (spatializer)
Chorus (with LFO Speed, Depth, and Mix)
Phaser (with LFO Speed, Depth, and Mix)
Delay (with Time, Feedback, Width and Mix controls)
Compressor (with, Attack, Release, Threshold, Ratio, Pre/Post insert and Makeup Gain)
Noise Gate (with, Attack, Release, Threshold, Hold Pre/Post insert and Range)
EQ (Presence, Treble, Middle and Bass)
Master Volume
Parametric Equalizer (3 band)
Drive (Overdrive)
Low CPU requirements
Authorize Disk (Receiving an authorization License file)

Minimum system requirements:

Mac OS X v 10.2 or later (Tiger compatible)
RTAS, HTDM, AU and VST compatible host application
G4 400 MHz
512 MB RAM
High Color S-VGA, 1024x768

Windows 98/2000/XP
RTAS, HTDM and VST compatible host application
512 MB RAM
Pentium 3 800 MHz
High Color S-VGA, 1024x768

Designed by musicians for musicians, Rock Amp Legends also comes with a number of factory presets sure to find their place in your music. Plus, you can use the factory presets as a starting point for creating and saving presets of your own signature sounds.
The Bottom Line: If you have ever used other guitar amp simulator plug-ins before, get ready to be blown away by Rock Amp Legends by Jimmy Crespo

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