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Hazelton Hazelton Trumpet Bb - Brass Lacquer Finish with Case

Hazelton Trumpet  Bb - Brass Lacquer Finish with Case

B flat Student Trumpet - Brass Finish - Includes Case

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Hazelton is a new brand introduced by Samick, one of the top music instrument producers in the world. Samick brands include Bechstein pianos, Kurzweil electronic keyboards. Samick is also the largest guitar manufacturer in the world, making instruments for all the major name brands.

This is a new wave of instrument from overseas which has been designed from the ground up with high quality standards and superior value. All instruments come with a 2 year warranty, and the first year is "no fault" so that whatever may happen to the instrument, it is still covered under the warranty.

Materials have been tested at IMIRL (Interdisciplinary Musical Instrument Research Laboratory at Brooklyn College) for consistency of workmanship, quality in brass alloys, hard rubber composites, tone production, and ease of blowing. All instruments have been pre-tested according to the strictest quality control procedures under the combined efforts and guidance of, Dr. Paul Shelden, internationally respected woodwind performer, band and orchestra director, music technologist, product developer, and professor of music and Mr. Frank Salazar, a well respected musician, professional saxophone, woodwind performer, percussionist, and brass woodwind engineer.

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U.S. designed
Superior high quality gold lacquer
Thick course valve casing threads
Nickel plated accents
One-piece hand hammered bell
Nickel copper plated lead pipe
Monel nickel plated valves
Nickel slides
Rubber seals
1st valve thumb saddle
3rd salve adjustable ring
Two water keys
Double brace
Superior hgh quality silver plated mouthpiece
Padded case with Hazelton logo

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