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TC Electronic G System V2 - Integrated Guitar Effects & Controller

Incredible Effects PLUS loops, amp switching, floor control, and routing system

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TC Electronic

G-System delivers an uncompromised package of effects, loops, amp switching, floor control, and rig integration. It's equipped with 2 DSP sections that provide the very highest-quality effects on the market. Choose between a rack and a floor-based setup, decide how the effects are routed, tailor the footswitch layout, and select from more than 25 different onboard effects. And it's all built into a rock-solid roadworthy case with 18 giant chrome switches. Extras include 3-band EQ, a smooth noise gate, MIDI implementation, and a USB port for software updates.

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Do you prefer to have your pedals right next to you or would you rather secure them in your rack? The GFX01 19" 1U effects processor can simply be removed from G-System and rackmounted, leaving the decision up to you. A single cable connects the GFX01 with the G-System floor unit putting your stomp boxes and messy cables out of sight while keeping the power and control under foot.

Analog "True Bypass" Loops

Preserve your original tone with the 4 analog true bypass pedal loops, all under preset as well as "on-the-fly" control. A fifth loop can be used for inserting a preamp or a fifth pedal in your setup.

Rock-Solid User Interface

Direct access user interface is via 6 rotary switch encoders. Not only does the heavy-duty chrome switch protect these encoders housing, but also protects vital components below. With no vulnerable plastic knobs and no obvious openings G-System is sealed against dust, dirt, moisture, and spills on stage.

Chromatic Tuner

With the full chromatic tuner you can always keep an eye on your guitar tuning. By pressing and holding the tuner switch the outputs will mute and precise tuner information will be displayed on the LED. Hitting any switch will instantaneously un-mute the output and send you back into the play mode.

Pre Effects

Effects that are typically used prior to your 'lead' effects are found in the pre effects section. They feature a high-impedance instrument input and full 96kHz/24 bit conversion and processing. This high resolution processing ensures maximum preservation of the guitar's original harmonics, which are vital to the character of any overdrive pedal or preamp.


The filter section allows you to select between touch and manually controlled filters, ranging from wah wah over formats to high peak resonance filters.


The compressor section enables perfect dynamic control of the previous filters including a pumping-style compressor or the more transparent compression style that gives smooth dynamic control and lengthy sustain

Analog Pedal Loops

Any disengaged pedal will eat into your guitar tone. The 4 analog loops in G-System give you full preset control as well as on-the-fly enabling/disabling, allowing "true bypass" of any pedal. The fifth loop is custom designed for preamp insertion. The buffered driver design of the insert loop allows extra-long cable runs with no loss of audio quality.

Amp Switching

4 relay switches give you remote analog control of preamps and amps. Relays are under G-System preset

Post Effects

The post effects section includes all the traditional effects that belong after the "lead" section.

Noise Gate

The post effect section features an ultra fast noise gate allowing removal of background noise from potential high gain pedals or preamps when not playing.


Modulation effects of your choice, including the famous TC chorus, flangers, phasers, tremolo, vibrato and more, are available in the modulation section.


The detune feature adds to your stereo image, while whammy and octaves allow for more effected sounds. The regular pitch shifting features up to a 2-octave shift.


The delay section sports more than 6 different effects, including legendary 2290 dynamic delay, reverse delay, tape echo, and more. All delays feature true "spilover" allowing the repeats of the delay to ring out across any preset change. Tap tempo is included and can of course be tied to MIDI clock.


Reverbs from the famous TC pallet are included. Plates, rooms, springs and halls are available in the reverb section, all specifically tuned and tailored for guitar.

But wait there's more . . .

G-System houses many extras. To mention a few, you get an ultra-smooth noise gate and 3-band EQ. A boost function makes your fills or solo stand out at the flick of a switch. All tempo-based effects can be individually controlled by tap tempo or MIDI clock, and numerous parameters are under expression pedal control. The included USB port means you'll be able to keep your G-System up to date with future software releases from TC Electronic.


Multi-effects processor on the floor
Up to 9 simultaneous effect
Fast and smooth preset changes featuring delay spill-overs
4 switchable mono loops for your favorite effect pedals
One additional loop insert point dedicated for preamps
4 x 9V DC outlets for powering your effect pedals
USB connection for software updates
Ultimate flexibility as the board can be separated allowing you to place GFX01 in a 19" rack while leaving the control board on the floor
MIDI for control of additional external MIDI units
Connections for 2 expression pedals

*New Version 2 Now Includes;


Dual voice intelligent pitch

The renowned intelligent pitch from the legendary TC Electronic processor, G-Force, is now available for the G-System through this update. The intelligent pitch allows you to choose a scale and then tie the pitches to the notes played, creating sounds and harmonies truly out of this world.

MIDI Clock synchronization

MIDI clock synchronization allows users to remote control the tempo of the G-System. This means total control of time-based effects like delay, tremolo and echo through an external device using MIDI clock.

Factory preset lock

Through this new feature you can lock or disable all factory presets and rest assured that no matter how hectic the gig gets, only your own presets will come up.

Volume and expression pedal input response

Set your pedal up to feel just like that vintage wah-wah pedal you love, or any other desired feel and response.

Tap tempo MIDI out

Want to control an external device via the G-System "Tap tempo" foot switch? Simply define the MIDI controller to be sent out when you tap the tempo.

MIDI Ctrl change stored in preset

MIDI control change can now be stored in presets, facilitating control of external devices such as loopers and switchers. This results in even further integration of guitar rigs with the G-System.

MIDI CC latch/Unlatch

New update allows MIDI CC (continuous controllers) to be used in a "Hold" or "Release" state fashion, enabling you to tailor the specific switch functionality any time, even when using switches for MIDI CC control.


- Tuner fully functional in all modes

- Loop level range setting

- Compression Output Level parameters

- Noise eliminated from Wah-wah

- Routing Levels optimized for consistent levels in parallel and semi-parallel modes.


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