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Apple eMac 1.42GHz SuperDrive M9835LL/A

eMac 1.42GHz SuperDrive   M9835LL/A

1.42GHz G4 All-In-One Compact System

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Simple, Affordable, Powerful?Delivering even more value and performance for your investment, the eMac offers a simple, clutter-free, all-in-one design and comes with everything you need for learning and playing. Right out of the box.

Affordable All-in-One Design?The eMac puts the whole computer � including 17-inch (16-inch viewable) flat CRT display, 18-watt speakers, 56K modem and optical drive � into a single, attractive package. It�ll look great on your desk, whether you use it in a dorm, kitchen or bedroom.

Your Digital Hub?The eMac now features the new Mac OS X Tiger and the award-winning iLife �05 suite of applications, so you can make photo slide shows, create home movies, compose music, surf the web, watch movies and much more. Choose the combo drive eMac to burn CDs and play DVDs, or choose a SuperDrive-equipped eMac to burn your own double-layer DVDs at 8X speed.

G4 Performance?The impressive 1.42GHz PowerPC G4 processor provides all the power you need. Whether you create complex Excel spreadsheets or large Keynote presentations, eMac won�t miss a beat. And you�ll really enjoy eMac�s performance when you�re scrolling through thousands of digital photos in iPhoto or applying transitions between clips in iMovie HD.

Blistering 3D Effects?To power eMac�s brilliant CRT, we�ve included an ATI Radeon 9600 graphics processor with 64MB of dedicated video memory � twice as much as previous eMac models. The Radeon processor offers dazzling 2D, 3D and video performance, a feature you�ll really appreciate when editing footage in iMovie HD or while playing Halo.

Fast Connections?Every eMac has two fast FireWire 400 ports built-in, plus five USB ports: three USB 2.0 on the computer and two USB 1.1 on the keyboard. So you can easily connect your eMac to devices like the iPod, digital camcorders, cameras, PDAs and more. Choose the AirPort Extreme option for high-speed wireless networking.

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17-inch flat CRT display
1.42GHz PowerPC G4
160GB Ultra ATA drive
8x SuperDrive (double-layer)
ATI Radeon 9600
64MB video memory
56k internal modem

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