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Apple AppleCare for Mac Book Pro

AppleCare for Mac Book Pro

3 year comprehensive support package

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The AppleCare Protection Plan extends the complimentary coverage on your Mac to three years of world-class support. The plan includes expert telephone assistance, onsite repairs for desktop computers,* global repair coverage for portable computers, web-based resources, and TechTool Deluxe from Micromat—all for one economical price.

Every Mac comes with 90 days of telephone support and one year of service coverage at an Apple-authorized repair center. By purchasing the AppleCare Protection Plan with your Mac, you can extend your coverage to three years.

The AppleCare Protection Plan covers your Mac, as well as an AirPort Card, an AirPort Base Station, and Apple RAM purchased for your Mac. Power Mac and PowerBook customers can also enroll one Apple display for coverage, provided the Mac and display are purchased together.

Because Apple creates the computer, the operating system, and many built-in applications, the Mac is a truly integrated system—with vastly superior support. Just one phone call can help resolve most issues with your Mac. The AppleCare Protection Plan provides support for Apple hardware, the Mac OS, and Apple applications, including iCal, iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, AppleWorks, and QuickTime.

The AppleCare Protection Plan includes up to three years of onsite service for desktop computers.* The plan also provides global repair coverage for portable computers, which can be very important if you travel abroad. Apple-certified technicians perform repairs using genuine Apple parts.

Purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan along with your new Mac to take maximum advantage of the coverage the plan provides. No other service and support program can provide peace of mind for such a small investment.

This plan is not available for Florida consumers or where prohibited by law.
* Onsite service is not available in all locations.

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Comprehensive service and support
* Extends telephone support from 90 days to up to three years
* Adds two years of hardware repair coverage to the one-year limited warranty, including:
o Onsite service for desktop computers(1)
o Global repair coverage for portable computers
* Provides dedicated access to web-based support resources(2)
* Includes powerful diagnostic tools (TechTool Deluxe from Micromat)

Assistance with the complete Apple solution
* Apple hardware products(3)
o An Apple computer
o An Apple mouse and keyboard when included with a covered computer
o An Apple display when purchased and enrolled with a covered Power Mac or PowerBook computer
o An AirPort Card or AirPort Extreme Card, AirPort Express or AirPort Extreme Base Station, and Apple RAM when used with a Mac covered by the AppleCare Protection Plan
* The Mac OS(3)
* Many Apple-branded consumer applications, including iCal, iSync, iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, AppleWorks, and QuickTime

Quality and convenience backed by Apple
* Award-winning Apple technical support through an easy-to-remember toll-free telephone number(4)
* Repairs performed by Apple-certified technicians using genuine Apple parts(5)
* Quick and easy enrollment

(1) Onsite service is not available in all locations.
(2) Access to web-based resources requires the use of a compatible Internet service provider; fees may apply.
(3) Xserve and Mac OS X Server are not supported under the AppleCare Protection Plan.
(4) Local telephone fees may apply. Telephone numbers and hours of operation may vary and are subject to change.
(5) Repair service may include onsite, carry-in, and express courier service; specific availability of each option depends on product type and location of Apple Authorized Service Provider. Apple may also request that the customer replace components with readily installable parts.


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