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Apple AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod

AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod

2 year comprehensive support package

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The iPod and iTunes redefine what digital music should be: great audio on a superlight device with stunning design, fast download speeds, and ample storage for your music collection. Now, with the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod, you can be sure that your music will play on.

Because Apple creates both the iPod and iTunes, they form a truly integrated digital music solution. If you ever have a question about their use, you’ll have direct telephone access2 to Apple’s own technical support group--the people who know iPod hardware and iTunes software best. AppleCare representatives can help troubleshoot your iPod as well as its connection with the included music application. Apple offers the same complete service for both Mac and Windows users.

Every iPod comes standard with 90 days of phone support and one year of hardware service coverage. The AppleCare Protection Plan extends your service and support coverage for your iPod, its included accessories, and iTunes software for up to two years from the original purchase date of your iPod. With this plan, you get direct access to Apple experts for answers by phone2 and anytime access to web-based resources.3 If your iPod or the included accessories should need service, Apple-certified technicians will repair it or provide a replacement using genuine Apple parts.1 We recommend that you purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan with your new iPod to take maximum advantage of the coverage the plan provides. This comprehensive plan is available for all iPod models within their one-year limited warranty that connect to either Macintosh computers or Windows PCs.

With the iPod, you can take your entire music collection everywhere you go. But should your iPod need service, the AppleCare Protection Plan gives you the peace of mind of knowing that Apple provides global repair or replacement coverage.1

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Comprehensive service and support

* Extends telephone support from 90 days to up to two years
* Extends hardware coverage from one year to up to two years
* Provides expert support for both Mac and Windows users

Protection for the Apple iPod solution
Protects Apple iPod hardware and included accessories1:

* iPod
* iPod battery
* iPod earphones
* iPod dock
* iPod wired remote
* Other hardware accessories included in the iPod box

Supports iTunes and connection with iPod

* Offers award-winning technical support
* Provides a convenient toll-free telephone number2
* Guarantees genuine Apple replacement parts1
* Permits transfer of the plan between owners

1 Service coverage is available only for the iPod and its original included accessories (excluding the carrying case) that are defective in materials or workmanship or for battery depletion of 50 percent or more from original specification. Equipment returned for service may be repaired or replaced with functionally equivalent new, used, or refurbished equipment.

2 Local telephone fees may apply. Telephone numbers and hours of operation may vary and are subject to change.

3 Access to web-based resources requires the use of a compatible Internet service provider; fees may apply.


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