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Ik Multimedia Sonik Capsules - Acoustic Guitars

Sonik Capsules - Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitar Multisamples

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Ik Multimedia

Whether you do pop, country, rock R&B, jazz or other styles of music, these expressive multisampled guitars are highly playable from any midi controller and achieve incredible realism for a very affordable price. It includes dynamic six string steel guitars, dobros, banjos, beautiful 12 strings and more. Popular models from Martin™, Taylor™, Gibson™, National™ and more have been sampled in high end studios with select classic mono and stereo miking in meticulous detail. With a variety of tones, performance elements like fret slides and both major and minor chords, this collection delivers an acoustic warmth and a professional sound.

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- 6 string steel guitars
- 12 string steel guitars
- Dobros
- Banjos
- Martin™
- Taylor™
- Gibson™
- National™ and more

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