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Ik Multimedia Sonik Capsules - Bass Guitars

Sonik Capsules - Bass Guitars

Bass Guitar Multisamples

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Ik Multimedia

Bass Guitar Capsule offers clean, deep, punchy and expressive basses with a variety of articulations, which include fingered, picked, pulls, slaps, taps, slides and more! For every style of music from R&B to Rock to Hip Hop, Country, Pop, Jazz and more, these high quality basses offer a great degree of expression and flexibility. A wide assortment of different acoustic basses and electric bass guitars are included in this package. This sound collection has some of the most desirable bass instruments you can find from great Fender® Precision and Jazz basses to classic Hofner® “Beatle” Bass, Music Man© 5 String, Champan Stick™ and many others.

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- Fender® Precision and Jazz
- Hofner® “Beatle”
- Music Man© 5 String
- Champan Stick™

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