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Waves IR-L - Native Digital Download

Light / Parametric Convolution Reverb

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IR-L is the "light" convolution reverb, offering the same great sound and impulse responses as IR-1 but with fewer controls for simpler, more efficient operation.

Convolution Start Control lets you trim the beginning of an impulse response to eliminate unwanted predelay.
NEW! Extensive Library of Impulse Response Samples with Different Micing Options.
Click here for a full list of samples.
NEW! Dynamic Preset Handling. Adding or removing presets is now easier, with the preset menu reflecting the impulse response samples contained in the presets folder.
96 kHz support for high resolution.
Reverb Time RT60. Unlike existing products, IR-L uses unique impulse response (IR) manipulation techniques to allow shortening (times 4) of the reverb time while maintaining acoustic coherence and preserving the natural envelope and frequency content.
CPU Usage Control. Special Efficient-Stereo components requiring less processing power; A "low CPU" mode utilizing intelligent algorithms that require less CPU usage while preserving high sound quality and definition.
Convolution Length Control. This allows control over the length of the actual real-time convolution. Therefore the CPU load can be reduced if desired by using a shorter convolution length while maintaining the RT60.

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Supported on selected hosts via
RTAS | HTDM (Mac) | AudioSuite | VST | DirectX (Win) | MAS (Mac) | Audio Units (Mac)

System Requirements:

G4 867mHz or faster
OS-X 10.3.2 or later
800x600 minimum display

Pentium3 1GHz, AMD AthlonXP or faster
Windows 2000(sp3) or XP
800x600 minimum display

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