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Tannoy Reveal 6D (active)

Reveal 6D (active)

2-Way Active Nearfield Monitors, 6 Inch Woofer (Pair)

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The Tannoy Reveal D range of active near field monitoring speakers builds upon the success and recording industry reputation of the famous original Tannoy Reveal Active. When launched in the mid nineties, the Reveal Active was widely recognised as the product that defined the category and has been the active monitor of choice for thousands of amateur and professional recording, creative composition and postproduction facilities worldwide.

The original Reveal Active model was well renowned for its rigid cabinet and substantial baffle. With the new Reveal D models, the cabinets have been further braced and refined to provide the most rigid platform possible for the new driver designs. Securely attached to the solid baffle, with no less than 10 hex socket countersunk-head screws, an all-new bass driver performs with significantly reduced distortion. Magnetic circuit flux control rings and extensive Klippell based symmetry analysis made this performance improvement possible, with the new drivers providing tight, punchy and controlled bass response with a clean and open mid range for superb vocal intelligibility. The open and detailed reproduction of mid-high frequencies is further enhanced with the inclusion of the Tannoy WideBand high frequency unit to improve and extend the high frequency phase response. This ensures increased tonal accuracy of individual instruments in the reproduction process - a mix critical factor allowing the best EQ and placement decisions to be made.

Significant advances in digital speaker measuring techniques such as Klippell symmetry and non linear distortion analysis, laser scanning interferometry, acoustic CAD simulation, and precision manufacturing processes have all resulted in a comprehensively improved range of Reveal monitors. The new models provide greater bandwidth, significantly lower levels of distortion, smoother responses, more accurate phase control, higher sensitivity levels and greater input source flexibility. Add in a comprehensive calibrated EQ facility for mid / near / close field working in full / half /quarter and eighth space environments, midband and high frequency trim shelving controls, a choice of power and cabinet sizes, analogue and digital input trim facilities, and user requirements can be satisfied for all listening environments and applications.

Tannoy engineers have researched ways of dealing effectively with the acoustic effects of mid, near and close field listening distances, in order to compensate for the relative size and distance of the acoustic source and resultant spherical / plane wave dilemmas. Additionally, the effect of boundaries near a monitor speaker, such as walls, support tables and mixing console surfaces can change the air load on the low frequency cone piston and consequently the radiating efficiency in the 100Hz to 800Hz region.

A set of DIP switches on the rear control panel of the new Reveal D Active monitors allow the selection of an optimum speaker response for real life and often difficult monitoring situations so that the frequency response at the listener's ears is always as linear and flat as possible. Optimisation can be preset for far field (>2m), mid field (1~2m), near field (~1m) and close field (<0.5m) situations in combination with free space (4pi), half space (2pi), quarter space (pi) and extreme eighth space (pi/2) corner situations. Reveal monitors can therefore be optimised for varying listening distances in difficult acoustic spaces; varying meter bridge positions, against and adjacent to walls or reflecting surfaces, in corners, in corners on shelves or brackets, table top / space restricted PC/Mac based sound editing environments and stand mounted or soffit mounted configurations.

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UPC: 000888879651

40mm thick contoured baffle
Driver lossy-coupled to cabinet
10 screw driver chassis fixing
Flux control rings on LF drivers
Extended HF phase response
S/PDIF 96KHz input with slave output to second speaker
Left/Right/Mono select on S/PDIF
Balanced XLR/Jack Combi input connector
+6/-12dB trim control on SPDIF and analogue line input.
80Hz hi-pass switch (for AV use)
Front mounted On/Mute/Energy saver switch
Front mounted LED status indicator
Rear mounted mains isolation switch
Far/Mid/Near field select
Full//Half/Quarter/Eighth space select
Bass alignment select
Mid band trim select
HF trim select
Factory HF trim for service / workshop calibration

Frequency response: 60Hz-51kHZ
Max SPL: 115dB
Distortion: <0.5%
Dispersion (@-6dB, 10kHz, horizontal): 90 degrees
LF/MID Driver: 165mm (6") multi fibre paper pulp cone
WideBand HF Driver: 25mm (1") titanium dome, neodymium magnet system
Shielded: Yes
Inputs: 600 ohm balanced XLR/Jack, SPDIF RCA
SPDIF sampling rate: 44.1-96kHz
Sensitivity: 775mV for 75W
Crossover frequency: 2.6kHz
Amplifier output power: LF-75W, HF-35W
Outputs: SPDIF slave out, RCA
User Controls: Front panel mounted on/standby/mute LED indicator, Rear trim +6/-12dB, 80Hz hi-pass switch (for AV use), 16 way DIP switch selection for optimum response
Power Supply: Fixed mains voltage - region specific (to order) 110/220/230v
Cabinet Type: Optimised bass-reflex loaded
Construction: MDF cabinet and front baffle, T&G front and back


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