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GHS GHS-3060-5 Black Tape Wound

GHS-3060-5 Black Tape Wound

Black Tape Wound Bass 50-125 5 String Long Scale Set

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GHS Nylon Tapewound bass strings are used by loads of players with regular fretted bass guitars who just love them. And if you've got a fretless bass, you may just love them and their cool, jazzy tone even more. The flat nylon wrapping saves your fretless fingerboard from the wear caused by round wound steel strings.

Soft on the fingers and easy on the ears, GHS Nylon Tapewounds are long-lasting (Never have seen rust on a nylon string!) and very warm tonally. If you've never played them, you owe it to yourself.

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UPC: 737681205409

Gauges: .050 .070 .090 .105 .125

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