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Bixonic Expandora EXP-2000R

Expandora EXP-2000R

Bixonic Distortion Pedal

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More than simply a reissue, the Bixonic EXP-2000R Expandora takes the EXP-2000 Expandora multi-stage distortion circuit and improves upon it by adding front-mounted DIP switches to control the unit’s multiple gain stages. With the original EXP-2000 these controls were accessed from the rear battery compartment - this new design allows settings to be changed "on the fly."

The original Expandora circuit has been painstakingly recreated down to the discontinued photo-couplers which have been hand selected to assure that the tone of the Original mode is available to everyone. Gain, Tone, and Level controls work in conjunction with the front-mounted DIP’s to provide four completely different distortion types, from mild crunch to the unique "Forbidden" gated-fuzz setting that was not available on the EXP-2001.

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MPN: EXP-2000R

In addition, a new, third DIP switch has been added to toggle between the tone settings of the original EXP-2000 and the EXP-2001, increasing low-frequency response and providing the EXP-2000R with improved performance for Bass and drop-tuned guitar.

The pedal is housed in the signature cylindrical, brushed aluminum "tuna can" chassis. High quality switches and jacks have also been added.

All-new chassis with easy access battery compartment and true bypass switching
Front-mounted drive knob for on-the-fly tone tweaks
An increased low-frequency response
Multiple LED display provides precise information on input signal level

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