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Radial Tonebone Bassbone

Radial Tonebone Bassbone Balanced XLR DI Pedal

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Smart EQ/DI pedal manages your bass signal with 2 separate channels and a powerful EQ that overrides the preamp's tone settings. Allows switching between a traditional passive bass and a modern active bass during a gig without lengthy and awkward adjustments to the preamp, EQ, amp, and instrument level. The Bassbone can also be used with a single bass to provide 2 separate signals finessed by its incredible enhancement capabilities. The integrated boost, variable gain, and effects loop can be used individually or together. A balanced XLR out sends the complete signal direct to the board for PA-only gigs and studio time. Added heft and punch to your tone is like a secret weapon. Powered by 15VDC power supply.

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UPC: 676101035250


2 channels for easy bass switching or signal enhancement
Powerful 3-band EQ
Boost and gain controls
Effects loop
2 - 1/4" ins
Balanced XLR out
1/4" out to amp
1/4" TRS jack for FX loop
1/4" tuner jack
Powered by 15VDC power supply

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