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Whacky Music Boomophone XTS Whack Pack

Boomophone XTS Whack Pack

Boomwhackers - Tuned Percussion Tubes, C Maj Scale - Set of 8 Tubes

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Whacky Music

The musical tubes are ideal for solo fun, a family playing together, or an entire classroom. With virtually no learning curve to get started, it is one of the very few instruments which several hundred, even thousands, of people can have fun playing together and sound great at the same time. We call it "instant music".

A new way to play Boomwhackers® Tuned Percussion Tubes – like a xylophone! The Whack Pack includes 8-tube Boomwhackers® Diatonic Scale Set, XyloTote Tube Holder, Boomwhacker Mallets, The Whack-a-Doodle-Doo! Songbook, Octavator Tube Cap and Instructions (All Ages)

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Boomwhackers are tuned plastic percussion tubes.

Play by (gently!) striking almost anything: a table, the floor, your thigh or hand, a shoe.

Different surfaces can produce different qualities of sound (but always the same pitch).

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