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Quantegy QY-DATR064


R-64 10 pcs RDat Tape

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64 min.Professional Studio Series Dat tape.

Quantegy DAT Products are designed for use by all Audio professionals requiring the highest performance a DAT tape can provide. DAT is certified to assure users the lowest error rates and outstanding reliability.

Quantegy DAT provides the highest level of performance recording professionals have come to expect. Quantegy DAT is made with an advanced metal particle tape that has been developed and formulated to ensure high output levels, minimum error rates and exceptional durability. The DAT utilizes superior shells that provide both output and dropout performance that is unsurpassed in the industry. This unique combination gives users the superior performance they require.

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Unsurpassed performance with Quantegy DAT
Full product line that meets the needs of all users
Extended play time products for the program "extras"
User friendly labeling
Audio professional packaging
Our DAT products are available in both the convenient packaged product and in the patented DATpakTM professional storage system.

Quantegy DAT is available in extended play lengths to allow the recording of test tones, lead-in or audio notes about the recording. Quantegy DAT play lengths include 16, 34, 48, 64, 94, and 124 minutes to extend the usable record time of each Quantegy DAT product. The additional program length gives cost effective and meaningful options to the user in his recording preferences.

The often copied Professional Audio labeling and insert card systems used in Quantegy DAT give the audio user the information that properly identifies and describes the contents of each tape in terms that are meaningful to audio recording professionals around the world.

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