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Quantegy QYADAT42A 42 min ADAT tape (3 Pack)

QYADAT42A  42 min ADAT tape (3 Pack)

DM-126 3 pcs DM126

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42 min.Professional Studio Series ADAT tape.

Quantegy ADAT is not just another S-VHS video product. It has been specifically designed and developed for critical Audio applications that require the high level of performance that recording professionals have come to expect from Quantegy Audio Products.

Quantegy ADAT is among the best S-VHS product in both quality and performance for ADAR systems. The tape utilizes the latest coating technology. The front coat is an optimized high coercivity cobalt doped gamma-ferric oxide particle. The base film is tensilized for superior handling in the ADAT application. When combined with a special carbon backcoat and superior shells, Quantegy ADAT cassette provides both output and dropout performance that is unrivaled in the industry.

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Designed to take maximum advantage of the ADAT format
Unique formulation coating technology provides low BER and superior sonic quality
Ultra tensilized basefilm provides unsurpassed stability and runability
Extended play-time product for 60 minute programs
Specially designed packaging
Quantegy was the first manufacturer to adapt the high performance PEN basefilm to the Audio S-VHS ADAT application. Quantegy ADAT is now available in 42+ and 60 minute program lengths, giving cost effective options.

Quantegy ADAT digital mastering products are available in four configurations. In addition to the familiar, reusable clear plastic sleeve, Quantegy ADAT is also available in our album configuration. These packaging options provide superior product protection. The unique Professional Audio labeling and insert card systems used in Quantegy ADAT provide the Audio user with the information that properly identifies and describes the exact contents of each tape.

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