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Mackie CFX12.mkII

12-channel/4-bus Compact SR Mixer with Effects

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The new CFXmkII Series mixers have been updated with more comfortable Onyx series knobs, new graphics for better visibility in less-than-ideal lighting conditions, and improved durability thanks to impact-resistant rubber side panels that have been added to the entire range. Best of all, the CFXmkII mixers come at a price significantly lower than the original CFX series.

Available in 12, 16 and 20 channel configurations, the CFXmkII Series mixers all feature four subgroups, precise nine-band stereo graphic equalizers for greater sonic control, and Mackie's high-quality EMAC TM 32-bit digital effects processor that virtually eliminates the need for outboard effects processors.

The exceptional EMAC (Extended Multiplication and Accumulation) processor started with the development of the best possible reverb, delay and modulation algorithms the Mackie engineers could devise. These algorithms are backed by a powerful 32-bit effects processor that is much better than the jangling 16-bit processors found on most other "effects" mixers available today.

All CFXmkII mic/line channels have unbalanced inserts and input trim controls with individual Zero Level LEDs, 3-band EQ with swept midrange, and 100Hz low-cut filters. Each channel strip has a 60mm long-taper fader, one external, and one internal/external effects send; plus two aux sends, pan, mute, solo (PFL), and bus assigns. All three models allow two separate stage monitor mixes to be created with their own effects levels.

Like the original CFX Series mixers, the CFXmkII Series mixers are designed for rugged, day-in and day-out road use. Their sturdy-yet-light steel construction houses rugged, double-sided SMT-plated fiberglass circuit boards as well as faders with ultra-tight lip seals for keeping out dust and other contaminants. The new Onyx-style knobs are mounted so that they ride just above the steel chassis and absorb impact without transferring damage to the internal components.

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UPC: 663961007343

• High-headroom mic preamps with RF rejection
• 12 channels (8 mic/line mono, and 2 stereo line channels)
• 32-bit EMAC(tm) digital effects with 9 reverbs, 4 delays, phaser, chorus, flange; 2 parameter controls + EFX wide spatial expander
• External and internal EFX sends
• EFX to Monitor control
• 9-band stereo graphic equalizer
• Inserts on all mic channels and main mix
• True 4-bus design with direct sub outs and L/R assign
• 2 Pre/Post Aux sends and internal/external FX level sends on each channel
• 3-band EQ with swept mid (100Hz to 8kHZ) on mic/line channels
• 4-band EQ on stereo line channels
• Pan, Mute, PFL solo on each channel
• Inserts and 100Hz low-cut filters on all mic/line channels
• Subwoofer output from built-in 18dB/oct. 75Hz crossover
• Ingenious BREAK switch
• Headphone output with level control
• Tape/CD inputs with level control assignable to Main Mix via Break switch
• Logarithmic taper 60mm faders
• 48V phantom power
• 12V BNC lamp jack

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