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JBL LSR4326P Pak

Bi-amplified Studio Monitor System with 6.25-in Woofer, 1-in Tweeter, and DSP Room Mode Calibration (pair)

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The JBL LSR4300 Series is the first professional studio monitors with computer connectivity, networking, and automatic room compensation. JBL has made acquiring these monitors easy with the introduction of the LSR4326 Pak!

Supremely accurate reproduction*
Great mixes start with an accurate monitor. The LSR4326P incorporates JBL's Linear Spatial Reference Technology that matches the exact geometry of the 4300's waveguide design with its transducers and crossover network to optimize the frequency response at the mix position. To ensure that this incredibly accurate monitor delivers superb mixes in the room you're working in, JBL's next generation RMC Room Mode Correction system incorporates a powerful analyzer into each speaker that automatically analyzes and compensates for problems caused by low frequency standing waves and proximity to boundaries. Truly putting technology to work, all of this is accomplished by simply plugging the LSR4300 calibration microphone into the speaker and pushing a button. A JBL first, the LSR4300 meter provides a reference of the output from each speaker in the system. The results are a revolution in professional mixing: a calibrated listening environment where the monitors truly work in harmony with the room. This creates a stunningly clear and articulate sound stage enabling reliable mixes that translate faithfully to the outside world.

Powerful monitor control from your computer*
Today's digital production environments are all about precision and control. The LSR4326P's powerful DSP platform provides full system networking and communication. Comprehensive LSR4300 Control Center Software provides total control of all system parameters directly from the workstation desktop. High resolution digital and analog inputs, plus a 'virtual monitor section' with input switching, master volume, mute and solo controls, enhance functionality of the entire system and provide comprehensive control at the mix position. The first professional studio monitor with automatic room compensation, centralized system control, and user-friendly simplicity, the LSR4326P is the most elegant and intelligent advancement of technology on behalf of better mixes ever offered in a studio monitor.

Flexible front-panel speaker and system control*
Control of System Level, Individual Speaker SOLO, Input Source Selection, high and low frequency EQ settings, and adjustment of all parameters can be made from each speaker's front panel, with the system's infrared remote control, or with LSR4300 Control Center Software. For unprecedented performance and convenience the LSR4326P incorporates the new Harman Hiqnet protocol that enables a coordinated calibration of all speakers, intelligent configuration of surround sound systems, and synchronized control of all speakers in the system.

Ideal for surround use*
The LSR4326P is a bi-amplified system with 6.25" woofer and 1" dome tweeter. Designed for any application from simple stereo mixing to complex surround production, an LSR4326P system can be configured with up to eight main speakers in any desired mix of 6" LSR4326P and 8" LSR4328P models. Since the small studio may lack the space to position surround channels at the optimal physical distance from the mix position, the system is automatically aligned so the sound arriving at the mix position from all speakers is synchronized producing a precise image regardless of each speaker's actual physical placement.

Includes accessory kit*
The LSR4326 Pak includes the JBL LSR4300 Accessory Kit, which provides a
measurement microphone, a remote control, LSR4300 Control Center software, a USB cable, and batteries.

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Bi-amplified monitor with JBL DSP-enabled RMC Room Mode Correction system.

6.25" polymer-coated fiber low-frequency transducer with self-shielded neodymium magnet structure

1" soft-dome tweeter with self-shielded neodymium magnet structure and ferro fluid cooling

150 watts amplification for LF

70 watts amplification for HF

XLR and 1/4" balanced analog inputs

AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital inputs

Integrated processing provides Automated Room Mode Correction, and compensation for speaker-to-speaker placement variations

Front panel includes output level meter and user controls

Harman HiQnet network and USB computer interface provide centralized control of entire system from any speaker

Network cable included

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