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Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal Stage Tuner

Chromatic Pedal Stage Tuner w/Strobe and Sweep modes

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Planet Waves

This hefy stomp-box design incorporates Planet Waves' highly innovative and intuitive Strobe and Sweep modes making the Chromatic Pedal Stage Tuner a great choice for working musicians who want comprehesive tuner capabilities one toe tap away.

In Strobe mode, the played note appears in green on the oversized rotary display while red LEDs chase clockwise if you're sharp and counter-clockwise if you're flat. They slow down and finally stop as you nail the pitch. In Sweep mode, the LEDS sweep left or right indicating whether you're flat or sharp.

A big, multi-segment note indicator in the center of the display is very legible when standing. The pedal activates the mute/bypass circuit while 3 controls above it select the tuning mode and user-selectable A435 -- A445 calibration.

The Chromatic Pedal Stage Tuner runs on an included 9V battery and has 9V I/O for daisy-chaining other pedals. With its large display and true bypass that doesn't mess with your tone, it's ideal for electric guitar players who have to perform in dark conditions and who use pedalboards.

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Strobe and Sweep modes
Large rotary interface
Oversized note indicator
Super-bright LEDs
A435 -- A445 calibration
Mute/bypass pedal
True hard bypass leaves your tone itact
Onboard condenser mic
1/4" input/output jacks
Sensitive piezo pickup
-9V I/O for daisy-chaining
9V battery included

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