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MOTU UltraLite mk3 Bundled with Digital Performer Version 8

Firewire Audio Interface Plus Digital Audio Midi Workstation Software

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The MOTU UltraLite-mk3 updates MOTU's famous UltraLite, making it more powerful than ever. This half-rackspace, bus-powered FireWire audio interface turns your laptop or desktop computer into a mobile recording studio with an impresive 10 inputs and 14 outputs. MOTU also updated the UltraLite-mk3 to even better 24-bit/192kHz resolution from the original's 96kHz. Delivering the same innovative design, proven reliability, and award-winning sound as MOTU's other high-end FireWire audio interfaces - including new CueMix Effects, as found on the acclaimed MOTU 896 - the MOTU UltraLite-mk3 is an incredibly compact and powerful interface!

Digital Performer Version 8
Designed to be compatible with both OS X and Windows, MOTU's Digital Performer 8 64-bit DAW software gives you more powerful music creation and audio recording tools than ever before! MOTU designed Digital Performer 8 to let you record, edit, and mix music intuitively, combining new plug-ins and powerful processors with the versatile software environment many of the wold's top music professionals have depended on for decades. With Digital Performer 8, you're in control of your environment, giving you the flexibility to work any way you like. Step up to MOTU Digital Performer 8, and discover your real creative potential!

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    UltraLite mk3 Features:
  • 10-input, 14-output audio interface with FireWire bus power
  • 24-bit/192kHz audio resolution
  • Two mic/instrument preamps with phantom power
  • Digital Precision Trim knobs with a total of 60dB gain range
  • Six balanced line-level TRS inputs
  • Ten analog TRS outputs
  • Stereo 96kHz S/PFDIF I/O
  • Latency-free monitoring with four monitor mixes
  • Onboard 14-bus digital mixer with effects
  • Can operate as as standalone mixer with effects
  • Program with CueMix Console or computer-free via front panel
  • Expandable, with two FireWire A (400Mbit) ports
  • Slaves to SMPTE time code
  • Compatible with new Intel MacBook Pro computers

    Digital Performer 8 Features:
  • NEW - Cross-platform compatibility - runs on both Mac and PC operating systems
  • NEW - 64-bit operating system support (includes support for 32-bit operating systems as well)
  • NEW - Guitar amp, cabinet, and stompbox models
  • NEW - Modeled analog delay, multiband dynamic equalizer, de-esser, Springamabob spring reverb, Subkick kick drum enhancer, and other plug-in processors
  • NEW - Punch Guard automatic preroll/postroll recording prevents cutoff recordings from ruining takes
  • NEW - Enhanced video engine lets you view full 720 or 1080 HD video clips on your main or secondary monitor
  • NEW - 14 extra themes, including Hi-Fi, Arctic, and None More Black
  • Award-winning DAW software that's perfect for recording audio, scoring music, and arranging sound for post-production
  • Powerful audio recording and MIDI sequencing that's only limited by your computer's capabilities
  • Flexible user interface lets you create and arrange your own environment to best suit your workflow
  • Consolidated window options let you instantly switch between complete layouts
  • Color themes let you change the look of your workspace with a single click
  • DP Control app for iOS devices gives you wireless control over your session
  • Track folders make managing your elaborate projects easy
  • Meter Bridge gives you a quick overview of all of your levels
  • MIDI Keys lets you trigger MIDI notes without an external MIDI controller - perfect for on-the-go editing with a laptop
  • Audio Click lets you customize the sound and nature of your click track
  • Nondestructive track comping lets you easily organize and manage multiple takes on a single track
  • Advanced editing tools let you dive into every aspect of your project for fine editing
  • Built-in waveform editor gives you the ability to edit audio at its most basic level with absolute control
  • Inline mixing layout makes controlling levels, adding plug-ins, and setting up monitoring easy
  • 64-bit mastering tools include MasterWorks Limiter, Multi-Band Compressor, Leveler and Parametric EQ
  • Built-in pitch automation lets you add pitch correction and pitch-based effects
  • Automatic beat detection simplifies tempo mapping and beat quantization
  • Supports VST and AU plug-ins as well as ReWire MIDI and audio interchange
  • Plug-in effects include guitar amp and stompbox modeling, as well as processors for equalization, dynamics, reverb, and more
  • Virtual instruments include 4 x synths, a sampler, and a drum module
  • QuickScribe Music Notation gives you accurate real-time MIDI transcription and advanced tools for fine tuning your score
  • Sample-accurate timing and synchronization also makes DP perfect for live effent triggering
  • AAF, OMF, XML file Interchange options make collaboration easy

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