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CB Percussion 7776 Combination Snare/Percussion Kit

7776 Combination Snare/Percussion Kit

Deluxe Combination Snare/Percussion Kit

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CB Percussion

32-note extended range bells with stamped pitch letter names including enharmonic sharps/flats.Neoprene bar mounting increases resonance and is maintenance free. Impact-resistant ABS side frames and metal support plate enhance bell frame durability. Popular size piccolo snare drum features double air vents for improved tone and projection. Side-release snare throw-off and heavy-duty butt plate are key adjustable. Internal snare drum tone control.

Stand components include wide tripod base with non-slip nylon bushing, basket-style stand top for bells, and geared snare basket stand top. Birch shaft mallets, drumsticks, detachable music rack for bells, rubber practice pad and drum key are included. Serial numbers for easy record keeping. Printed warm-ups and technical exercises for bells and snare drum. Fully padded deluxe nylon traveler bag with ABS reinforcements, heavy-duty zipper, interior accessory compartments, padded bell divider, separate snare compartment. Wheels, feet and retractable handle assembly bolted to ABS plate inside bag

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Bells: 2.5+ octave bells, F5-C8
Bars: Satin finish aluminum, 1" wide, 3/16" thick
Suspension: Double-pin mounting over neoprene
Snare Drum: 4" x 13", 8-lugs, chrome shell
Stand: 1" tubing single-braced, height adjustable 23" - 34" (bells), 25.5" - 36" (snare)
Pad: Gladstone style
Bag Dimensions: Length 27.75" (including wheels), width 15.5" low end, 8.75" high end, depth 5.25" plus 4" for snare compartment
Weight: 30.5 lbs.

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