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ISP Theta Combo

Theta Combo

400 Watt Guitar Combo Amplifier

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ISP Technologies introduces the 400-watt THETA COMBO! The THETA COMBO continues the ISP tradition of innovation. The THETA COMBO offers a unique approach to the combo amplifier, putting the performance of the amazing THETA guitar system and ISP's world-renowned VECTOR active guitar subwoofer technology in a single, lightweight combo package.

With 100 watts RMS driving the Celestion speaker and 300 watts available to deliver the thunderous low end the THETA COMBO really delivers the sound never before available in a combo package. The THETA COMBO provides two selectable input pre-distort preamplifiers. Using the THETA COMBO is like having two low-noise, extremely high quality preamp pedals at the input of the amplifier. Each front-end pre-amp has gain, bass, mid level and mid sweep which provides amazing pre-distort tone shaping.

The amplifiers' "Clean" and "Distort" circuits have the same post distort tone shaping. Tone beyond your wildest dreams! No other amplifier, Tube, Solid State or Digital even comes close to the sonic flexibility of the THETA. The Clean channel has additional tone shaping with the inclusion of a Presence control providing more than 20db of high frequency boost. You want gain? The THETA literally has more gain available than any amplifier ever produced with greater than 150db of gain and you can control it and make it useable only because ISP has included dual independent full-featured Decimator Noise Reduction systems.

The THETA COMBO is the first combo amplifier to incorporate "Dynamic Saturation Modulation" (tm), which delivers the actual feel of a saturated tube power amplifier. The THETA COMBO also packs a huge punch; the internal D-CAT power amplifier delivers 100 watts RMS into a 12-inch Celestion guitar speaker and 300 watts into a second 12-inch, high excursion woofer. Derek Bowers, renowned IC design engineer from Analog Devices and Buck Waller of ISP Technologies, developed the patented D-CAT power amplifier technology. The D-CAT is a super high current power amplifier technology capable of driving a .5-ohm load. This means that the D-CAT amplifier delivers better transient response and
punch than any other amplifier technology.

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Two selectable input pre-distort preamplifiers

Front-end pre-amp has gain, bass, mid level and mid sweep which provides amazing pre-distort tone shaping

Included dual independent full-featured Decimator Noise Reduction systems

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