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Orange Tiny Terror Head

15-watt Class-A Tube Head with Carrying Case

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The Orange Tiny Terror Head is a portable Class A tube head amp useing EL84 valves for pure tube tone, switchable power output of 15 or 7-watts mean full crunched tube tone is available regardless of the output volume. Drive an Orange PPC112 1x12" cab for a total Orange experience.

Class A circuitry means the Orange Tiny Terror output tubes are producing both positive and negative halfs of the output signal. Class A creates an output signal rich in even order harmonics for a full and complex tones. Which is why guitarists tolerate the weight and heat of Class A tube amps.

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- (2) EL84 Power Tubes
- (2) 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
- Switchable output 15 or 7-watts
- 1-Channel with Gain, Tone, and Volume controls
- Strong, portable steel housing for reliable transport
- Padded Gig Bag Included

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