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Event S100

Active Subwoofer -100 Watts / 1x8 inch

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The S100 is a small but mighty low frequency monitor system that can help transform your studio sound from meek into magnificent.

With 100 Watts of power dedicated entirely to low frequency reproduction, a cabinet that features a floor-coupled design to provide maximum volume output, and a time-proven 8 in. LF driver that delivers clean, clear, powerful low end, the S100 is the ideal way to bring full-range performance to your existing small-footprint monitor system.

The S100 works with virtually any active monitor, including, of course, Event’s own ALP-5 Active Linear Phase Biamplified Monitor. Pass-through audio jacks on the S100 make hookup a snap -- simply set the S100 on the floor, connect the cables, and... let ‘er rip!

You won’t believe how big your sound will be! And just in case the neighbors make a little noise of their own, the system includes a handy footswitch that lets you mute the output with a tap of your toe.

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MPN: S100
UPC: 879561000022

Low Frequency Driver: 8 in. polypropylene cone with damper rubber surround and hightemperature voice coil

Frequency Response: 35Hz - 120 Hz, -3dB

Inputs: Mono line input with 1/4 in. connector; Left and Right line inputs with RCA connectors; All unbalanced

Controls: Input Sensitivity; mains power; operating voltage selection; on/off mute (footswitch-controlled)

Dimensions: 12 in. W x 16-5/8 in. H x 10-3/4 in. D

Weight: 32 lbs.

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