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Rudistor RPX-33 mkII

Dual Mono Solid State Headphone Amplifier

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The RPX-33 dual mono topology headphone amp from Rudistor Sound Systems of Italy, uses a mixture of clean, optimized and pure audiophile electronics to deliver the finest sound available. The electronic design for the RPX-33 was precisely calculated and very cleanly implemented to ensure the shortest signal path, a must in the audiophile world. The power supply uses a capacitance multiplier to deliver pure DC power for that pure sound and black background.

The RPX-33 was designed to provide the listener with high transparency, real life soundstage, deep and full bass and refined mid-highs, with astonishing dynamics, and absolutely crystal clear sound. Versatility is a must in modern life, so in order to better enjoy this great amplifier, two headphones output jacks are provided. One for hi-sensitivity with lower power (L), and other for low-sensitivity cans, with higher output (H)

To ensure a top notch performance, the components are selected from best brands available to us, followed by an accurate and solid construction and very strict tests in highly qualified labs. All the components (including cables and wires) are certified to fully match the European Community safety regulations.

Version MkII ( from september 06 ): Upsized and partially redesigned power supplies, ALPS RK40 potentiometer, pre out RCA connetction (to use the RPX33,as a preamplifer)

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UPC: 4043941310032

Maximum Output: 700mW
Output Impedance: 16 - 600 Ohm
Bandwith: 1-100.000 Hz < 0.5db
Gain: 16 db
THD: 0.02% (3Vpp on 32Ohm)
Technology: FET & Bipolar Transistors
Input Imedance: 47 Kohm
Amplification Class: Always A-Class
Input / Output: 1 x line
Dimensions (cm): 350 *60*282 mm
Output: For two headphones
Weight (Kg): 8 kg

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