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Fifth Avenue Films Kids Can Play Guitar (DVD)

DVD tutorial and introduction on guitar

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Fifth Avenue Films

A brilliantly simple and effective method for the younger, would-be guitarist. Using plain language and clear exciting musical examples, renowned UK teacher, Mel Reeves shows you: guitar types, guitar parts, how to hold your guitar, fingering, chords and chord diagrams, guitar tablature and how to read guitar music.

There are tunes to play and songs to sing in this terrific program with each new topic shown in easy steps to ensure enjoyment and progress for all. Plus, there are full performances of country, rock/blues, and classical pieces and snippets of guitar trivia along the way. Learning the guitar was never as easy or so much fun.

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This DVD has been specially designed to give youngsters the most entertaining and easy start in learning the Guitar. Renowned UK teacher Mel Reeves uses clear and simple language and some exciting computer graphics that will have you playing from the moment you press the ’Play’ button!

During the course of the lesson you will learn the basics of:
- Sitting and holding the Guitar
- Naming notes and fingering
- Playing chords and reading chord diagrams
- Guitar tablature

Along with lots of Guitar trivia and practice tips there’s also a host of brilliant tunes to master, so you’ll have lots of pieces to play straight away!

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