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Alesis PlayMate Vocalist Open Box

The ultimate performance and practice tool for all vocalists

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The Alesis PlayMate Vocalist is a powerful vocal performance tool that lets you remove vocals from any CD, independently adjust both pitch and tempo, and sing along with high-quality ambient effects.

The PlayMate Vocalist�s sleek design includes an internal CD player. In addition to removing vocals from any CD, the key of the music can be changed without affecting the tempo, and the tempo can be changed without affecting the key. This allows any vocalist to always sing a song in their optimal range, and to adjust the tempo and pitch for practice or mood purposes.

The PlayMate Vocalist also includes a powerful effects processor with 100 presets for adding the perfect ambiance to any vocal performance. The Playmate Vocalist has one microphone input, two headphone outputs, and balanced line outputs.

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PlayMate Vocalist Specifications

Remove vocals from any CD
� CD player built in
� Sing to all your favorite music that you already own
� Never buy a specialty karaoke CD again

Adjust the pitch of the music without affecting tempo
� Transpose music �7 semitones (or half-steps)
� Adjust pitch �8%
� Sing in key that is optimal for your range
� Practice singing in different keys

Adjust the tempo of the music without affecting pitch
� Adjust the tempo of the music from 50% to 150%
� Practice singing in different tempos
� Change the mood of the music

100 high-quality DSP algorithms built in
� Add reverb to your vocals to match the ambiance of the music
� Try different vocal effects

Flexible connectivity
� One microphone input
� Two headphone outputs

Open Box

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