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Zinky Supro Sahara

Supro Sahara

25 Watt 1x12 Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier

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25 Watt, single channel, all-tube 1x12 combo. Features all-tube sound, from classic clean tones to rich and glorious overdrive. Controls for Volume (turn it up for overdrive), Treble, Bass, Middle. Simple signal path + highest quality parts = superb sound. More gain than Belmont, but less power. Great rock & roll club amp for those who just need one great sound and a guitar to get the point across.

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UPC: 000888885577

• 100% all tube signal path
• One Channel, no master volume. Clean until you turn it up, where it smoothly transitions into tube overdrive. A BOOST footswitch is provided as well (Adds gain for solos). No flabby or muddy tone at ANY volume. Smooth overdrive, never buzzy, even when using pedals at low volume.
• Volume, Treble, Bass, Middle controls
• Impedance selector switch to allow selection of 4/8/16 Ohm speaker loads (Can also be used as a tone adjustment)
• High efficiency speaker modeled on a 1959 Supro speaker, with same english cone and paper voice coil, just like the original.
• Polished Stainless Steel Chassis
• 100% Baltic Birch Cabinet
• Designed and built in the USA, of USA components ( Transformers, Cabinet, Chassis, Speaker, Design, Assembly and many small parts).

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