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Chunk Systems Chunk Systems Bass Octavius Squeezer

Bass Synthesizer Pedal

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Chunk Systems

The Octavius Squeezer is the world’s first analog/digital hybrid bass synthesizer to be housed in a compact stompbox format. With an analog audio path that features a variety of synth, octave, fuzz, and filter effects and a digital preset system that allows constant reconfiguration of the audio signal path and storage of parameter settings as well as an on-board tuner and tap-tempo metronome, the Octavius Squeezer is one pedal that no bassist will want to be without!

Octavius Squeezer Features Include synth, octave, filter, fuzz and other effects; True By-pass Switching; True analog reconfigurable signal path; +50 digital onboard presets with bank organization; SD card socket for save/load of additional presets, firmware upgrades, etc; Analog 2-pole LP and BP filter circuit; Analog fuzz circuit; -1, +1, and +2-octave synthesis; 9V battery or external power supply (not included); No-tools battery drawer; Sturdy steel case; Backlit LCD and tempo LED; Auxiliary output for click tracks and envelope input; On-board Tuner; Metronome and beat-locked effects with tap tempo mode; 3-year limited warranty; Lovingly manufactured in Australia.

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- Designed for bass guitar
- Wide range of synth, octave, envelope filter, fizz and other effects
- True bypass - input is connected directly to output by a mechanical relay when switched off
- True analog signal path with reconfigurable analog technology
- Over 50 digital onboard presets with bank organization for easy selection
- SD card socket allows you to save/load additional presets, upgrade firmware, etc
- Analog two pole lowpass and bandpass filter circuit
- Analog fuzzcircuit
- Digital pitch tracking with advanced harmonic rejection
- Analog waveform synthesis
- One octave down, one octave up and two octaves up synthesis
- Runs from a single 9V battery or external power supply (not included)
- No-tools battery drawer
- Sturdy steel case finished in an eye-catching red
- Two user-assignable foot switches and two digital control knobs
- Backlit 2line,16 character LCD and blinking tempo LED
- Auxiliary output for click tracks and Agent OOFunk Mark II envelope input
- On-board Tuner
- Metronome and beat-locked effects with tap tempo mode
- 3-year limited warranty

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