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Peavey ReValver HP

Guitar Amplifier Modeling Software

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Peavey ReValver HP modeling software includes 6 outstanding virtual models of some of Peavey’s finest tube amplifiers and 30 incredible linkable sub modules that model stompbox and rack effect legends.

For over 40 years, the name Peavey has been synonymous with amplifiers. The easily recognizable Peavey logo adorns many of the black meshed boxes you’ve seen stacked up behind some of your favorite musicians. With the number of computer-based musicians growing exponentially every year, Peavey decided it was time to introduce ReValver HP.

Peavey went to great lengths to truly capture the sound of their vacuum tube amplifiers. After all, they know their way around producing top-notch real tube amps, so there’s no way they were going to do a cut-rate job on this computer-generated collection of amp and effects models.

Whether you are using ReValver HP as a standalone virtual amplifier, or with your favorite recording software, you can rest assured Peavey is providing you with the high-quality amplifier tone you expect from products with the Peavey name attached to them.

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UPC: 0014367140439

- 30 Linkable sub modules
- 6 Peavey virtual tube amplifiers
- 4 Power amplifiers
- Over 75 Speaker simulations
- 10 Stompboxes
- 11 Effects
- 7 Utility functions
- Parametric filters
- Graphic equalizer
- Noise gates
- Fully MIDI mappable
- Tuner
- VST, AU compatible
- ASIO/WDM, CoreAudio

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