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Peavey Sanpera I

Foot Controller for Peavey Vypyr Amplifiers

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The Peavey Sanpera 1 foot controller lets you take charge of your Peavey Vypyr amp onstage, in the studio, or at home! Giving you an expression pedal for controlling volume, wah, and pitch shifter functions, you also get four momentary feature selector buttons complete with LEDs for ultimate control. Boasting tap tempo capabilities, looper activation and control, as well as a convenient bank select function, the Sanpera I is housed in roadworthy cast-metal, with high-quality, reliable metal switches. For truly tapping into the performance possibilities of your Peavey Vypyr, the Sanpera 1 foot controller is a must-have!

The Sanpera I lets you remotely control your Peavey Vypyr amp, giving you incredible expression capabilities. As you conveniently tap in the tempo, or activate the looper, you can use the onboard expression pedal to thrill your bandmates with perfectly-timed volume swells, wah effects, and creative pitch-shifting!

With its cast-metal housing, your Peavey Sanpera I is definitely roadworthy and built to last. Peavey used high-quality metal switches to ensure that this foot controller just keeps on working and working.

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MPN: 03017540
UPC: 617353285246

• Whammy / Volume / Wah / Pitch Shifter Gas Pedal
• Four momentary selector buttons with LEDs
• Tap on current channel for Tap Tempo
• Looper activation and control
• Bank select function
• Roadworthy cast-metal housing
• High quality metal switches
• Self-powered via MIDI
-Includes 20' Interconnect Cable

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