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Behringer XR4400

Audio Interactive 4-Channel Expander/Gate

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Intelligent dynamic control
Our MULTIGATE PRO XR4400 is a state-of-the-art 4-channel expander/gate. It combines four frequency-selective expanders/noise gates in a single rack space without compromising the least bit of functionality. With the MULTIGATE PRO, you've got a precision instrument that offers easy operation yet unbelievably powerful, flexible control possibilities. Noise is suppressed during quiet passages and crosstalk between microphones reduced. The MULTIGATE PRO is especially effective for complex microphone separation in drum-set miking.

Technology – at your command

Super-fast transients require extremely short attack times. Thanks to the new UTR (Ultra Transient Response) circuitry, transients are not colored by "cutting off" of their percussive attack phase.

Completely in tune

We've integrated a fully parametric filter into the side chain, allowing you to fine-tune the controlling signal. The result: the gate reacts only when you want it to. Which other expander/gate offers parametric filters?

The FlexLink system: true to its name

Each channel of the MULTIGATE PRO can be linked with its direct neighbor, allowing a multitude of various configurations: two true stereo gates, one stereo and two mono gates or even a three-way or four-way gate. Flexibility at its best.

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MPN: XR4400
UPC: 689076113519

4 separate UTR (Ultra Transient Response) expander/gate circuits
Extremely short attack time (<10 µsec.)
Super-precise parametric side chain filter with monitor function
New FlexLink system allows flexible master/slave configurations
80 dB maximum attenuation
Adjustable IAC circuit eliminates clicks, pops and flatter
Adjustable hold and release parameters
"Traffic light" display for threshold working point, gain reduction display
Servo-balanced inputs and outputs
XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors
Manufactured under ISO9000 certified management system

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